Selling on Consignment-Exotic, High Line, Off-Road

How Does a Car Consignment Work?

When consigning your vehicle to Taggart, we ask you to bring your vehicle in for a quick pre-consignment inspection, which will be performed by our certified mechanics. Once we know a little bit more about your vehicle, we use our online appraisal tool to get you a fair market value.

When you consign your vehicle with Taggart you will receive all of the features and benefits of a best-in-class dealership working on your behalf to sell your car quickly and professionally.

Taggart can help sellers get more money for their cars without traditional hassles and risks such as:

  • Selling the car to a dealer, which can be convenient but often results in a price that is thousands less than the private party value.
  • Take on the consuming challenge of selling the vehicle on your own.

We consign all types of vehicles:

Aston Martin
Land Rover

And Other Luxury Brands

Why Should I Consign?

There are many reason to consign your vehicle, the most important of them all is we can finance your vehicle with the next potential owner through our vast network of lenders.

We handle all of the negotiations and cut out all the risk of potential scams, which you may come across on independent listing sites.

Secure storage and proper online / print advertising are just an added bonus to the lengths we go to sell your consignment vehicle fast!

We Consign Leased Vehicle!

Leased Vehicle? Not a problem. We will take the proper steps in helping you consign your leased vehicle.

No Appointment Needed

We are here to help. Feel free to drop by any time to get a quick pre-consignment inspection on your vehicle and find out just how much you can make consigning with us!

Can You Help Sell My Consignment at Auctions?

We have a great relationship with our location and national auctions. We know how to sell your car fast!

How Long Will It Take to Sell?

We typically do 60 day consignments and have a huge success in selling the vehicle in roughly 30-45 days.

Do You Allow Test Drive of My Consignment?

With your consent we will allow test drives of your consignment vehicle under the same exact conditions we would allow one of our own vehicles to be driven. NO license, NO test drive!

How Much Will It Cost?

We ask for a $500 deposit which includes; full vehicle detail, vehicle photos and pre-consignment inspection performed by our certified mechanics. Fee will be deducted upon sale of consignment vehicle.

No Hassle Process

We're a one stop shop from Sales, Service, & Finance!

Do not put yourself through the stress of being called and emailed all hours of the day by tire kickers.

We do our best to get you in and out of your dealership in under an hour!

Where Will My Consignment Be Advertised?

We list your vehicle right alongside our own pre-owned inventory all across the web. Such sites could include: AutoTrader,, eBay, DuPont Registry, and much more!

Secure & Protected Transaction

As a dealer we are authorized to run credit checks instantly on any potential purchaser of your consignment vehicle.

We take all steps necessary to make sure the new owner of your consignment vehicle is ready to handle it with the same care you have.

How Do You Determine a Sales Price?

With our online appraisal tool, which compares your vehicle to similar vehicles in the market, and our years of experience in the automotive industry we know exactly how much we can get for your consignment vehicle.

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