We breathe speed. Our pedigree is racing, our passion is performance. We offer only the best performance vehicles available on the market today. American muscle, Italian exotics, mind-bending supercars — these cars aren't about A to B, they're about the space in between. Our vehicles are exceptionally crafted works of art, massive feats of engineering, and guaranteed to stir your soul.

We don't offer just any car. Taggart begins by searching for something that sparks emotion and provides gratuitous excitement.

All vehicles are evaluated by our professional race-trained-and-proven engineers and technicians to ensure our rigorous standards are met. Each car in our showroom will inspire confidence and exemplify great quality while putting a huge smile on your face.

In our beautiful showroom you'll see our jaw-dropping inventory, evidence of our racing history, and be treated to a respectful, relaxing, no-hassle environment. Contact us today to make an appointment!

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